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Pickled vegetables is popular in China


Pickled vegetables is popular in China, especially in North. Sushi Ginger slices, as a seasoning dish of Japanese food series, are traditionally sold in Japanese restaurants and seafood side dishes in Asia, Europe and America. In recent years, sushi ginger slices have been more and more favored by consumers because of their unique flavor and health characteristics. They have gradually appeared in ordinary chain supermarkets and family tables, especially by consumers who pay attention to quality and health. Focusing on sushi ginger slices, Furui hi food has developed a series of healthy and fashionable light pickled dishes, established a scientific and efficient management and development system for product quality and upgrading from raw material control, process flow, formula ingredients, equipment technology, R & D design and sales service, and learned the advanced experience of well-known brand enterprises at home and abroad, Let "made in China" become "world flavor".